Accessories may be small but the important one

                                              Accessories may be small but the important one

                                                                                   -------bulm slide Selection Guide

Slide drawers in people's lives is an integral part of the quality of the entire drawer can have a decisive influence in the design of the drawer, a small slide. According to the rails where the rails divided into installed in a drawer at the bottom and installed in the drawer side of the two classes, which, in a drawer at the bottom of the slide can be well hidden track, also known as the invisible rail . Most in a drawer at the bottom of the slide with the rebound function, able to withstand live in the weight of the drawer relative to the side rails, installed in the bottom of the slide is more ideal.

With the rapid development of science and technology, home hardware more and more of the trend of human nature Chinese and personalized. bulm hide the use of the pulley, the cabinet overload weight, no noise, no rebound, and beautiful, while extending the life of the cabinet to meet the aspiration of a lot of housewives and home life, home life away from the noise, and add dynamism. Compared to the original hardware emphasis on mechanical function, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-rust, the appearance of modern hardware, intelligent design of human nature, more in line with modern needs.Because modern society, people have the ability to spiritually satisfying home life accounted for the vast majority of family time, intelligence, and personalized products can greatly meet their needs.

Depending on the length of the drawer slides to the slide can be divided into the length of 27cm, 36cm, 45cm. The drawer slides of the material, the current commonly used drawer slides roller slides, ball bearing slides. Wheel slide structure is relatively simple, by a pulley, the two track structure, able to cope with the daily push and pull need, but the loading capacity of poor and do not have the rebound function. The ball bearing slides are basically three metal rails, the more common structure is installed in the drawer side, installation is relatively simple, and saves space. Good quality ball bearing slides to ensure that the sliding smooth, large loading capacity, bulm brand name of this type of product rails.

Optional drawer slides points

Optional drawer slides points, pay attention to the structure of the drawer slides. The overall connection of the slide drawer bearing the preferred three o'clock connection is slightly less, with the progress of the slide design, quality slide with the demolition of a simple feature. Also need to pay attention to the rails of timber, poor materials have a fatal impact on the quality of the slide. Therefore, when the optional multi-hand feel of different materials of the slide, select really feel, high hardness, heavier rails.

Optional drawer slides points according to the needs of their own kitchens to buy, sit in the right to buy the rail. The time of purchase should not only note that the length of the slide, but also to consider their own drawer, the drawer to put something very heavy, will have to pay close attention to the slide bearing weight. Listen to sales personnel, you can ask the rails in the load-bearing, generally able to withstand the push and pull the number.

Optional drawer slides points, field experiments selected slide. Good drawer slide pulled out, you will feel a small resistance. When the slide pulled the end of the drawer and will not fall off or tip over. In the field, you can also pull out drawers, hand in the drawer above click to see the drawer loosening, whether the sound of the bang bang sound. At the same time, slide the drawers pulled out, the process of resistance, resilience which is smooth, but also requires you to push and pull a few times more in the field, in order to determine observed

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