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Have you ever had this experience: cooking, cabinet door switch impeded, basket, drawer sliding is very astringent, particularly effort. If your answer is: yes, then you should check your cabinet hardware. Selection of cabinets, you might only pay attention to the appearance of the cabinet, did not pay attention to the hardware is high quality. You know, cabinet hardware like cabinet joints. If this joint election is not good, cabinet poor part of the connection, slide Zhise not only affects the cabinets used in comfort, and is likely to cause physical injury. So, the quality of the pros and cons of Cabinet Hardware cabinet pros and cons of a pre-factor.

bulm cabinet structure hardware, giving you the perfect moment

Structural metal, is to constitute a connection box, door connections play the role of cabinet combination hardware, including hinges, hanging yards, cabinet fittings, door stays, metal baseboard. The hardware for each cabinet must be equipped with cabinets constitute an important part of, so their quality is good or bad, directly determines the quality of the cabinets. Because of this, they have become a judge cabinets pros and cons of the best ruler.

Quality standards ------ bulm hinge

The number of cabinet doors, switch up to a few dry on a million times, hinge not only the cabinet doors and accurately linking, but also alone in carrying the weight of the door of a cabinet because dispensed hinge quality problems often affect the cabinet normal use . The pros and cons of the door hinge is very important. Practice has proved that the use of the cabinet, the accuracy of the door arrangement, the door itself, the weight, the ordinary hinge is difficult to achieve the quality requirements necessary by the cabinet, bulm, its good quality, is currently on the market, the higher grade hinge , bulm made of cold rolled steel, its thickness and toughness are perfect hinge metal forming, and several layers of coating, in order to ensure the smooth feel of the thick and not susceptible to moisture in the kitchen attached to, and not susceptible to corrosion,opening and closing doors, hinge strength of soft, resilient uniform.

Baskets are Mami functional hardware ------ bulm slide

Functional hardware unlike the structure of metal as to constitute the cabinet required components, but their presence can make the cabinet more convenient to use, including: basket, rails, drawers, etc.. Although their quality is good or bad does not affect the service life of the cabinet, but in the comfort of the cabinet, but the impact is not small.

The slide is the basket, drawer, and other essential functional hardware accessories.Slide the second in importance only to the hinge, its quality is good or bad a great impact on health. This is because, if the slide is smooth enough, use and effort, over time very likely to cause bodily injury. In slide technology bulm product quality is better, is a recognized high quality brand. slide bulm better sliding function is smooth and the weight-bearing effect of natural and no obvious friction sound and jam phenomenon in the rated load-bearing conditions, bulm rails, sliding smoothly, the use of effects on the drawers and life plays an extended role . At currently the slide bulm new "iron pumping slide and damping pumping slide" two. Iron pumping rail general bearing is about 35 kg, the damping pumping rail is between 45 kg to 70 kg, not only pull the silent, but significant increase in loading capacity. bulm damping pumping rails can reduce the severe mechanical impacts arising from noise and prevent premature aging of the metal parts, but also has to automatically remove dust function.

Baskets of existence is to make cabinets easier to use. General Baskets are to play the role of the storage partition, loading capacity must be good. This requires that the material produced Baskets must pass, and the lines are not too small. Baskets with larger storage space, and could reasonably cut space, various items and appliances, "proper place", but also to the corner of space take full advantage of the use of space to maximize the value. the bulm cabinet designers recommend that you, according to different purposes, Baskets can be divided into the stove drawer, on three sides, Baskets, Drawer Baskets, dishes Baskets, advanced basket, corner Baskets. At the time of purchase, the consumer is best introduced aware of their habits to help you choose the most suitable for your home Baskets type.

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