Cabinet Hardware Industry in China

                                                                                 cabinet hardware industry in China 

At present, China's cabinet hardware industry, the traditional sales channels entered the store, and carry out their own hall, the Join form, these forms each of which the upper hand, has its own What are the risks? Shopping malls, and fast-changing and strategizing in order to move forward disputes in which a business can not fail to investigate also.

Entered the store

Chinese stores frequent generous. Redstar, their journey home Easyhome OUYAD, the B & Q vitality damage .... These supermarkets are the choice of cabinet companies entered the store. Benefits into the store, store the flow of people, a relatively high credibility, businesses can directly use the store's fame and popularity to the rapid accumulation of customer resources.
But the drawbacks are equally obvious. First of all, the stores allowed to enter the threshold higher for small and medium-sized enterprises into stores is not easy; Second, only from B & Q broke the the arrears door "time for the store could not help but concern about the strike it fine at present most of the stores in the capital settlement abacus, and often organize the activities of businesses had to tie, resulting in businesses facing liquidity problems and falling profits, and some even faced a new crisis.

Their own to carry out the Office of

For the foundation and the strength of the cabinet companies to carry out the hall is a good choice, now home to experience the museum has become a trend of development of the industry, can be relatively high for the governance, operational requirements, must first have sufficient funds support for the cabinet companies do not have enough funds to carry out Hall is just a dream; In addition, their own brand must have a certain name of the first, in order to attract customers to their Hall to. With the support of the capital, brand, also must take into account many factors hall location, the daily operations of the capital, hall style, non-strength difficult to operate.


Join has been the focus of attention in the industry. Ripe for a big brand, looking for franchisees to quickly open up the situation in the country is an inevitable choice.However, all over the country's cabinet market conditions vary widely, the enterprise is difficult to ensure their own brands where can occupy the local market; must be careful in the selection of franchisees, many franchisees are of course linked with a big brand, but in reality by He , to his own road, back door, fish, everything, to the reputation of the brand's expense, to be earned pours will walk away, this is indeed the brand franchisee governance on the evil brainer.

Similarly, there are also risks for the franchisee. Numerous national cabinet brand, franchisees the choice to join the brand is also the brains, if adverse to join, then the original capital lost. So, have to operate in more than bother to take into account their own interests.

Network Marketing Can hold up to the cabinet industry in the future?

Relative previously mentioned, several join mode, network marketing is a new sales model, network marketing, capital is relatively low, wide coverage, has become the fashion sales model, network marketing choices.
Jiangsu and Zhejiang coastal areas, some cabinet companies bold in the network marketing attempts, did not build the hall, not into the store, do not do more investment to join directly to establish their own shop, looking for consumers through the network, and then let the consumer directly into the factory custom cabinets. To do so, the province to a number of intermediate factors, significant savings in the middle of the capital, the price is also very upper hand, a lot of the younger generation of consumers for this model is also a sense of loving. However, the biggest flaw of this model is the network what is virtual, the credibility of the business as consumers worry about the biggest topics. Many consumers are still willing to go the hall to experience the real cabinet-like cabinet, and the shop so that consumers feel is not very intuitive, unreliable.

Another form is to buy

At present, the buy has been sweeping the country. The rise of the various buy site buy a wave blowing across the country. The scene in the hot buy, smart and wise Kanjia division one merchant McCain was defeated, so that the consumers see the satisfaction of everyone, thought he was an advantage, and immediately decided to buy. The merchants also recruited to buy in a large number of consumers. However, in recent years, buy also began to have a crisis of confidence. Kanjia division regardless of the stage McCain how lively it is prices are behind the scenes and businesses to discuss the good deal price, the consumer really does not gain much benefit. Businesses in addition to give consumers the ones who enjoy certain benefits to the buy site, so that the profits of the business is difficult to ensure. The resulting consequence is that businesses have to make a fuss about the quality, sale, and other factors. More serious consequences is that many consumers thought the buy on get more favorable prices through other means, will not buy cabinets, so buy site put businesses "kidnapping", had to participate in a variety of buy. Over time, the business profits are more modest, increasing pressure to survive.

Rational businesses would choose working with large sites, the use of the site to promote to promote their own brand of cabinets to progress their own credibility. Cabinet business, admits: "I do not ask how many list brought me through the network will be able to direct my concern is through the network to achieve the enhancement of brand influence." However, in the context of a quick profit by the cabinet industry, but also how much businesses can have such courage?

The cabinets are custom products, its marketing strategy also has its particularity. But no matter what marketing Raiders, all remain the same, build brand, increase brand credibility, enhance brand anti-risk capabilities. I bless this cabinet industry insiders to justice using a variety of measures to promote the brand's growth, but also to promote the healthy development of China's cabinet industry.

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